MMA Flooring Services

MMA Flooring Services
MMA Flooring Services
Price And Quantity
  • Square Meter/Square Meters
  • 100
  • Square Meter/Square Meters
  • 2000.00 - 7500.00 INR
    Product Description
    Description: QUICKFLOOR is 100% fast reactive and quick curing methyl methacrylate (mMA) resin base seamless multipurpose flooring system. QUICKFLOOR resin is blended with specially graded  silica quartz aggregates and special additives to produce a floor system that is hard, hard yet flexible,  flexible and durable floor. Resistant to impact, abrasion, thermal shock, with very good acid & alkali resistant, Hydrocarbon resistant, food acids, Floor system is non porous, hygienic and easily  cleaned. QUICKFLOOR is fully bonded to the concrete to prevent water creep. Can be applied as smooth  solid color finish, broadcast with color quarts, color  chips with clear coats. 

    • Fast cure, full strength in less then 2 hours 
    • UV Resistance, Application: Indoor & outdoor 
    • Durable 
    • High Mechanical load bearing 
    • High Impact Strength 
    • Abrasion Resistant 
    • High Elasticity 
    • Excellent Chemical Resistance 
    • Seamless, no cold joint 
    • Cures at low temperature 
    • Can be used for wide temperature range  from -30 to +90 C 
    Typical Use : 
    • Exterior or interior non-slip flooring. 
    • Decorative non-slip flooring. 
    • Food and beverage plants, Meat & abattoirs 
    • Bottling plants, breweries 
    • Freezers, chillers, cold storages 
    • Dairy, Bakery, Sea food processing plant 
    • Fish Processing Plant 
    • Commercial Kitchens, laundries. Supermarkets: Bakeries, Fish, Meat etc. 
    • Toilets, changing rooms, sports facilities for  hard-wear ability. 
    • Food process floors where a high degree of  hygiene is required. 
    • Chemical, Pharma, Caustic-Chlorine Plant 
    • Suitable for use in dry or wet situation  including ramps. 

    Physical Features:

    • QUICKFLOOR is a monolithic floor topping based on fast reactive resin. This resin  system offers the following properties.
    • Very Quick Cure: Full system may be  installed within a 3-6hr period. (Depending  on ambient temperature and floor size).
    • Low Temperature application: The system will cure down to minus 250c. (Special techniques needed).
    • Excellent chemical resistance.
    • Excellent abrasion resistance.
    • Excellent adhesion to properly prepared  substrates.
    • Easily cleaned.
    • Excellent slip resistance.
    • Good resistance to thermal shock. When  cured, will perform at all in-service  temperature ranges. Range: - -300C to +900C. However thicker toppings will perform better.
    • Cured film is non-toxic.
    • Weight per m2 @ 3mm thickness: 10kgs
    • Minimum thickness: 2mm to 8mm
    • Color: Natural or other colors dependant on  aggregate selection.

    Physical Properties

    • Volume solid: 100%
    • Pot Life@ 20o C: 15-20 minutes
    •  Cure Time @ 20o C: 60 to 120 Minutes
    • Tensile Strength: 15MPa
    •  Compressive strength: 45MPa
    •  Elongation at Break: % 1.1
    • Tensile Bond Strength: > 3.5 MPa
    • Impact Strength: Nm 8
    •  Moisture absorption: 0.04%

    Caution  Adequate cross ventilation should be  provided. Follow the hazardous materials  identification system guide for proper personal  protective equipments to be use while handling & application of this product. If sub-base & material temp. is above 30o C, DO NOT APPLY this material.


    Test Media


    Quick Floor


    Hydrochloric Acid
    Sulphuric Acid






    Acetic Acid



    Nitric Acid

    Citric Acid



    Lactic Acid



    Phosphoric Acid




    Potassium Hydroxide



    Caustic Soda





















    Detergent (DET 18)



    Bleach (2.5% Sod Hyd Cl)



    MEKP M50








    Sugar Syrup



    Distilled Water



    Test procedure involves total immersion of the cured sample in a test medium at 25 Deg C. The sample was observed for chemical attack and hardness throughout the testing period. The results below were taken after 3 weeks. Exposure:  


    • U = Unaffected (i.e. after 3 week exposure the  samples have not changed)
    • M = Marked (Short term exposure, the media will leave a mark on the sample)
    • A = Attacked (Short or long term exposure, the mechanical properties will deteriorate)
    • D = Destroy (Short or long term exposure, damage will occur)


    All substrates shall be stable and solid.

    Note: The ability of new or existing floors to take  the loads as a result of the CHEMIPROTECT

    QUICKFLOOR must be checked prior to installing. All control joints junction cracks in the substrate etc are to be properly treated. 

    CONCRETE must be mechanically trowel led finish.  Then preparation is achieved by captive shot blasting  or other coarse abrasive methods. Eg Diamond  grinding. QUICKFLOOR will not adhere to curing or = release agents. Concrete shall be cured for a  minimum of 28 days prior to laying QUICKFLOOR.  The moisture content shall be less than 5%

    Plywood or Timber: consult CHEMIPROTECT  ENGINEERS for more information. Note: If the  substrate is an above grade slab and waterproofing  is required the tank the floor and cove upstands with  a layer of 450gsm CSM fiberglass. This will provide a  seamless waterproofing layer. Ensure the floor is  clean. Dry and prepared as above. QUICKFLOOR can  be applied over any common resin floor topping as  long as it thoroughly checked for soundness and  grinding or Shot blasting is applied to the old  surface. Consult us before installing QUICKFLOOR on any suspended floor slabs.

    BOND TEST: Prior to full application of primer, a bond test shall be conducted to check adequacy of substrate preparation and bond. The bond of the primer to the sub-base should be grater then the tensile strength of the sub-base. A successful test shows sub-base material and sheared aggregate bonded fully to the sample.  

    APPLICATION : This product is applied by the: Roller coat & broadcast (spread & sprinkle) technique or self level & Broadcast technique. Prime the properly prepared floor areas with TWO coats of QUICKFLOOR Primer. Coverage rate and number of coats will vary depending on the porosity of the substrate, Coverage 3 - 4m2 /Kg./coat. Primer and its hardener are to be thoroughly mixed in the correct proportions.  

    SELF LEVEL BASE COAT To apply by the self level method the resin is mixed with a special blend of aggregates (refer to CHEMIPROTECT) and this is then mixed with catalyst normally. This mixture is then applied with notched trowel on floor. This will help pit and hole filling and gives a more even surface. Broadcast aggregates of the chosen type to complete.  

    SEAL COAT: Once finished and hardened apply 1 coat of QUICKFLOOR Topcoat at a spread rate no greater then 3.5m2 /kg/coat. Topcoat must be applied to the QUICKFLOOR base coat promptly to avoid contamination.  

    JOINTS: All concrete control and construction joints should be filled with suitable hard & flexible Epoxy mortar.

    HEALTH & SAFETY: Overalls are recommended when using this product. Wear gloves if this suits the user as the material will bound strongly to skin.


    • Fumes may be cloying in enclosed areas. The use of fans to provide positive forced air draft and/ or extraction is recommended. The levels of fumes have been shown to be well below recommended levels.
    • Flammable 3C. Erect No Smoking signs. No welding or naked flames permitted during installation. Have fire extinguishers readily available.  

    SHELF LIFE: 12 months in unopened containers. After this period suitability for use should be checked in consultation with CHEMIPROTECT ENGINEERS.

    PACKGING: Resin: 18kg metal pails, 180 kg drums. Catalyst: 1 KG, 25kg boxes. Filler: 25 Kgs, Color Quartz: 25 Kgs. 

    Maintenance and Cleaning

    Repairs can be undertaken with further new QUICKFLOOR applied directly or use Epoxy repair system.

    Cleaning: QUICKFLOOR floor is cleaned with stiff bristled brushes and detergents. The stiff bristle brushes and commercial detergents will remove dirt from the non-slip surface that a soft mop will not. The waxed nature of our top coating system may attract dirt during the early life of the product. Pay careful attention to cleaning at this stage. 


    Trade Information
    • 100-1000000 Per Day
    • 1-7 Days
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